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Letterbox Tuscany – flowers

Letterbox Tuscany - flowers

Letterbox Roses – flowers


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This zesty selection of yellow, white and green flowers is delivered in a box designed to fit through your letterbox! Each rose can be enjoyed individually whilst you create your own arrangement at home. Please note the vase pictured is not included. This letterbox contains the following flowers: 5 White Roses 5 Yellow Roses 1 Greenbell A little about letterbox flowersLetterbox flowers are sent dry-packed, following treatment in our hydration facility. Stems for our letterbox products are chosen specifically for their hardiness to travel without water. Just so you know…These beautiful flowers may arrive in bud, but they’ll soon open out once they’re in the warmth of the lucky recipient’s home. Very occasionally, we may need to substitute some of the flowers or foliage, but fear not – every bloom will be just as stunning as you see in these photos.

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